Why Plant Trees?

The planting of trees has many, many positive benefits:


Increased biodiversity: By using native species of local provenance or near native species that are beneficial for pollinators when suitable and appropriate, this will increase the biodiversity of plant and animal species in the area.

Increased well-being: By increasing the number of green and wooded areas in and around the town, we can contribute to the physical and mental well-being of the people living here. Increased trees also lessen the intensity of wind by creating wind breaks, inviting greater use of open spaces during more inclement weather.

Climate adaptation: Increased tree cover helps in the cooling of the environment and consequently to the reduction of the “Urban Heat Island” effect, something that may well begin affecting Ireland increasingly over the coming years.

Reducing pollution: Through urban and peri-urban reforestation, we can reduce the average air pollution concentration: during photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide from greenhouse gases and air pollutants – ozone, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide – releasing oxygen.



Redeveloping our neighbourhoods: People play a key role in this project. Through the greening of neighbourhoods, the town and its environs the projects aims to foster social inclusion and cohesion.

Increasing property prices: Many international studies have shown that mindfully planting trees around buildings can increase the value of property by up to 12% – compared to areas lacking in greenery.

Helping to prevent soil erosion and protect against flooding: Suitable tree planting next to rivers can act as a barrier to floodwater, while trees also prevent soil erosion, reducing sediment going into rivers and increasing water absorption into the ground.